Fixo & Amovível

In smaller models, X6 and X8 in some uses there is the possibility of using prefabricated foundations, with non-permanent fixation to the ground. Making abuilding 100% demountable and removable. However whether a removable construction or permanent one, the XFRAME concept is present in each piece or part of its structure: all parts are possible assembly and disassembly .

# Fully removable and transportable equipment.
# Galvanized steel structure with quality connection nodes, bolted for better tuning and adjustment.
# Coated metal sheet.

Monta & Desmonta & Monta & ...

The XFRAME system for construction of metal equipments is based on a basic concept: ease of assembly and disassembly
. That concept implies three base assumptions:
# 1 - Simple parts, with perceptible design in form and function;
# 2 - Simple and easy assembly;
# 3 - Enough quality of all parts to enable assembly and disassembly cycles.

XFRAME   Models & sizes: