XFRAME Components

Gates and doors

# Fully removable and transportable equipment.
# Galvanized steel structure with quality connection nodes, bolted for better tuning and adjustment.
# Coated metal sheet with 0.6 mm thick.

# Light metal structure pre-assembled in the factory with material and assembly warrantys.
# Solution do-it-yourself that includes all parts, accessories and assembly instructions
# Complete turnkey solution includes mounting and preparatory works.

# Parts with symmetrical drilling and free positioning.
# 2 sizes screws M16 and M20, screw + ring + ring + nut class 8.9.
# Pillar 3.6 m = Beam 3.6 m, Pillar 4.10 m = Beam 4.10, Pillar 5.10 m = Beam 5.10 m.

Threaded rod M20
Parafusos sextavados M20
Parafusos sextavados M16
Parafusos sextavados M12

Steel 8.8, 10.9



Threaded rod, 350 mm, metric coarse pitch thread M20 with 3 nuts and 3 washers.

Hexagon bolt metric coarse pitch thread, 120 mm, with 3 nuts and 3 washers.

Hexagonal galvanized screws M16 class 8.9
24 galvanized hex nuts M16 class 8.9
48 galvanized washers M16

Hexagonal galvanized screws M12 class 8.9, galvanized hex nuts M12 class 8.9, galvanized washers M12






A montagem de estruturas XFrame é um processo simples e linear em termos de ferramentas a empregar.
3 chaves com tamanhos de 19 (parafuso/porca sextavado M12), 24 (parafuso/porca sextavado M16) e 30 (parafuso/porca sextavado M20).

Chaves unitárias ou em kit

Chaves unitárias ou em kit
Steel Equipment
Steel Equipment
Steel Equipment
Steel Equipment
Steel Equipment

2018 Catalog
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